Most enquiries start something along the lines of “I want a Smart Home but I don’t know what it does, what it’s capable of, how much it will cost, which brands are best” which is why we provide our independent consultancy service to help guide homeowners, architects and interior designers.


We work with many architects and interior designers who engage us to assist on a consultancy basis to produce tender-ready documentation. Logic Smart Home can provide the following:

  • CAD Drawings for lighting, electrical and audio visual layouts
  • Client demonstrations for various Smart Home systems
  • Full cabling schedule for the whole project
  • Panel wiring schematics
  • Electrical wiring schematics and load calculations
  • Peer review of lighting selections and compatibility of Smart Home system

There is a wide range of options available but without a clearly defined scope of works, control system selected, bill of materials, then clients are exposed to huge variation costs later in the project.

Logic Smart Homes full design and consultancy service removes any ambiguity prior to tender meaning no surprises further down then line!


So you’re building your dream home and know that you need some sort of automation but not sure what to do. You’ve trawled through Internet forums for reviews of control systems, you’ve spoken to a Smart Home company that seemed intent on pushing you into one particular system, then spoke to another who completely disregarded the first companies advice and you’re none the wiser despite your hard work. Sound familiar? 

We do things a little differently at Logic Smart Homes. We are across all the major home control systems so we don’t need to lean you in one direction to hit a sales target for our suppliers or simply because that’s the only control system we know. You won’t see us winning a Brand Ambassador award anytime soon – we represent our clients, not the brands we supply.


Our clients always revert to “what would you do?” such is the trust they have in us but the most important piece of advice we could give when selecting a Smart Home company is this: don’t get hung up on the what, rather, the who? What do we mean?

Pretty much all the control systems are fantastic in the right hands so the question isn’t “which system is best, cheapest?” the question you should really be asking is “who do I want to be part of my families life for the next ten years?”

Unlike all other trades on site, Smart Homes need annual service visits so be confident in the people you’re working with right from the start because you’re going to be working with them for quite a while. People, buy from people. Sometimes that little extra cost is well and truly worth it.